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  • The Gay Agenda: a Snowball of Effects in the coming Global Bonobo Moral Crises

  • By: admin Added: 15-06-13
  •  As the Gay snowball gets assembled on the Hilltops of world governments the Effect will eventually go around the world just like the Global Economic crises a few years ago . Now we are birthing a Global Moral Crises . Oil producing Countries like Nigeria who stand AGAINST GAY Marriage will eventually face Sanctions .Nigeria is predominantly a hypcritical Nation as over 90percent of its inhabitants are deeply Religious yet the moral & economic decay spawned from a history of corruption has left the greater view on planet earth to see a mirage against the Gay world that will not LAST economic SANCTIONS for being anti gay . Pakistan and Kenya have been cojoined as hypocritical triplets in this Homophobe "Axis of Intolerance" by a report from google Trends .

    The world is slowly evolving from a terror sin mentality into a sodomy sin Global Village .

    Nurture will take over Nature as more adn more of the population will go Gay as Hollywood Nollywood Bollywood and the Entire corporate World will Bombard us with the Tolerant & loving Gospel of "christ".


    This will lead us to more and more depravations that at the end of the day There will be a thin line between sin and righteousness.


    Moreover, the pleasures of Sexual Sin has been found to be the most predominant tool Satan carries out his earthly agenda. He has introduced us into the Bonobo world  where these branch of Apes have battered ALL forms of Sex as the ultimate cureall from males with males adults with children "fathers" with sons .. It is a preview of where we are headed ! Back to sodom enrute to gomorrah    .


    Christians are slowly taking a mark on their heads by tolerating sins .. Soon the Question many will face abroad and at home are ?

    Are you a homophobe ? "Yes I hate them fags" says the redneck . Job denied 
    Are you anti Gay ? "Sort of ."  says the morally upright . Visa Denied 
    Are you against freedom of Sexual Preferences ( men & men women and women children Dogs and siblings )
    "Yes I am for God's word says it is SIN " says the Christian 

    Execute Execute Execute ! 

    And we all thought we really had to wait for 666 on our heads and hands .
    sin sin sin is enough .

    God Help us ALL 

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